I can not connect to your VPN servers.

If you can not connect to our VPN servers please try these:

1- Make sure you are using the correct VPN server address as given in the welcome email. Also make sure you have typed your username and password correctly.
2- Make sure there is no router firewall is blocking the VPN connection. Some routers/ADSL modems might block PPTP connections. Make sure you set PPTP Passthrough on your router. Contact your manufacturer's support if you need assistance on how to do it.
3- Make sure there is no desktop (personal) firewall is blocking the VPN connection. Most of the antivirus software has builtin personal firewalls. You need to either open PPTP VPN port: TCP 1723 on your firewall or just simply disable when you are connected to our VPN service. You do not need any firewall protection when you are connected to our servers. All of our servers have built-in commercial grade firewalls and you are automatically firewalled when you are connected to a VPN network.
4- Some ISPs might block PPTP connections. In this case please try to connect to our OpenVPN servers using this link: https://openvpn.vpnmaster.org:943 
5- If you still have problems connecting please open a support ticket at http://www.vpnmaster.com/support and one of our engineers will assist you and set your connection remotely free of charge.

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